About Anti Graffiti

A Device that attached to the public or private wall that able to
sense and detect sound of the graffiti sound within 2-5 seconds
and alerting the authorities and police to take action quickly with
the ability to take pictures of the graffiti person.


Network Rail estimate that it costs at least £5million per year to clean up graffit


London Underground meanwhile says graffiti costs them a minimum of £10million per year, and it would cost about £38million to replace all of the graffiti-etched windows on every Tube train.


Dealing with graffiti also diverts valuable police and staff resources. Hundreds of thousands of staff hours are taken up in cleaning, repairs and police time.


London Underground devotes some 70,000 hours a year just to cleaning up graffiti.

How does it work?
The Technology?

An anti-graffiti device using the most advanced technology that able to detect and sense
the sounds of the graffiti can accurately and in real time, Anti-Graffiti device is able to
cover a wider area up to 10 meters with canceling background noises, when sound
detected will send alerts to police and authorities.

Top Features

Up to 99% Accuracy

Smart Algorithm analysis sounds in real tim

Vandalism sensor

Low Consumption Power last up to 2 years

Connect with cloud server

Wireless Alerts

Cancel Background noises

Connected to surveillance camera

Connected to siren

Loud Alarm Build in

Wireless solution no wires needed

Graffiti sounds location

Auto calaibratoin

History for all Graffiti detected

Powerful notifications


Locations of Graffiti:



3-London Underground .

4- Train Bridges.

5-In the Tunnels

Birmingham, United Kingdom

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